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The process is quite simple and divided into 3 easy stages

Going Over Plans

Pre Production


The Shoot

Professional Handshake

Post Production


Once we receive relevant details from our client, we develop an estimate and timeline in advance of the shoot so we can clearly set the goals of what we want to capture and how this needs to be achieved. Once we are ready to move forward, we will require a 70% deposit to book your dates.



Once we are done with the booking, 

then we plan a recce day. Where we discuss the details and the idea behind the design so that we can interpret that idea through the photographs. If a recce is not possible then we ask for sample photos of the space or a virtual walkthrough video of the space.

Shoot Day

On Our shoot day, I & my team will arrive at the location and will do a quick walkthrough and take quick notes that we keep in mind while setting compositions. Rest other details will be provided in the terms and condition contract provided by us during the time of booking. 

Final Selection

Once we finish with the shoot, we together go through the entire set of images and select the master shots for further retouching process. 


After the shoot, we take around 7-10 days to retouch the selected lot of images. This includes basic exposure and contrast corrections, exposure merging, sky replacement, color correction, object removal,  and advanced post-processing technics.





Once we finish with the retouching process we upload the final edited images to the server, then we will send you the download link once we receive the reaming payment.


Creative Fee

This fee includes the photographer's time on the location and the skills required to complete the task, it also covers basic styling and staging, on shoot basic retouching, lighting, etc.

Post Processing Fee

This fee includes advance retouching of the images such as color correction, exposure blending, object removal, sky replacement, data storage & backup.

Usage License Fee

This fee includes a standard usage license that covers all the usage that most of the clients need which is provided by the photographer in writing.


This fee covers all the other expenses such as Travel + Food + Hospitality, equipment rentals, etc.

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